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Blubrake ABS manuals


What is the Blubrake ABS?

The Blubrake ABS (anti-lock braking system) is a safety disposal that avoids the front wheel lock up and the rear wheel lift off, that are the major causes of accident while riding an e-bike: more than 40% of the accidents happens due to this problem.

How do I activate the Blubrake ABS?

Every time you switch on the e-bike, to activate the ABS, slightly pull the front brake lever.

What is the ABS speed range?

The ABS works above 5 km/h.

How do I know if the system is working correctly?

The Blubrake ABS is integrated with the e-bike display. In the display you can see the ABS indicator led: if it is green, the system is working correctly; if it is yellow, the system is disabled, due to initial system check or due to a problem. In this case please it is suggested to go to your authorized dealer to solve the problem. In case the ABS has a fault and it is not working, your brake system keeps working correctly.

What does it mean if the led is yellow blinking?

If the led is yellow blinking, the ABS is temporally disabled due to very extreme conditions.

Does the Blubrake ABS function even if the e-bike is off?

No, the system is connected to the e-bike battery, if the e-bike battery is ON, the system will be ON as well. Likewise, if the e-bike battery is OFF, the ABS will be OFF as well.

Do I need to recharge the Blubrake ABS?

No, the ABS System is connected to the e-bike battery, you don’t need to perform any additional procedure.

Is the ABS going to have an high battery consumption?

No, Blubrake ABS has a low battery consumption and it doesn’t change the e-bike battery life significantly.

Does Blubrake ABS work even off-road?

Yes, it works both on asphalt and off-road.

What can I do myself to maintain Blubrake ABS?

Blubrake ABS is basically maintenance free, if it has problems the led in the display will turn yellow.

Can I replace the components of Blubrake ABS personally?

No, do not perform any maintenance on your blubrake ABS by yourself. Any repair or significant maintenance must be performed by an authorized professional mechanic.

The dealer informed me that, as part of the service, data will be transferred to blubrake. What does it mean?

When the dealer or an authorized professional connect Blubrake ABS to the blubrake diagnostic system, all the data about the functionality of blubrake ABS (braking force, delay, brakes consumption, …) is transferred to blubrake technicians to analyse any potential failure of the system and to solve it immediately.

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