blubrake image
blubrake image

Enhanced safety for every ecargo rider

Front wheel lockup and skidding prevention
Improved maneuvrability and stability

Blubrake ABS G2 Main unit

Data coming from sensors are processed in real time in order to detect any potential front wheel lock-up. When a potentially dangerous condition is identified, the ABS unit controls the front brake caliper to ensure a smoother and natural deceleration.

  • Weight: 380 g
  • Lenght: 177 mm
  • Height: 50 mm

Speed sensor

Thanks to a phonic wheel mounted on the front wheel, the speed senor constantly tracks the wheel speed at high frequency. This data flow is then combined with acceleration sensors in the ABS unit to calculate the e-bike dynamics.

blubrake image
blubrake image

User interface

The rider is informed in real time about the status of the ABS thanks to an icon on the bike display integrated via CAN-bus or an external control light.

Making the mobility of the future safer

Blubrake ABS is the only ABS for e-cargo bikes on the market, to guarantee increased safety to every e-cargo rider
  • Compatible with powerful motor brakes, third party motors and batteries

  • Smooth and natural braking feeling with no artificial vibration

  • Weight load sensing, for a proper function even when load is empty
  • Automotive quality standards for design and production

Grip detection technology

Optimized algorithms to instantly detect the overrode surface

blubrake image

High grip terrains

Enhanced for asphalt and bumby tarmac, Blubrake ABS delivers controlled braking on urban high grip surfaces.

blubrake image

Low grip terrains

The grip detection technology allows to control the e-cargo dynamics also low grip surfaces, such as pebbles, dirty roads, but also wet and slippery roads