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From Blubrake knowhow and proprietary technology on innovative braking control solutions for ebikes

and Shimano technology, commercial and service network

Blubrake and Shimano present:

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Shimano ABS by Blubrake: the Anti-Lock Braking System for Shimano brakes

  • Anti-wheel locking and anti overturning control

  • Compatible with e-bikes and e-cargo bikes

  • Compatible with a wide range of Shimano brakes and electric kits

  • Works on asphalt and off-road
  • Completely integrable inside the frame
  • Easy installation procedure
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Speed sensor & Phonic Wheel

Thanks to a phonic wheel mounted on the front wheel, the speed senor constantly tracks the wheel speed at high frequency. This data flow is then combined with acceleration sensors in the ABS unit to calculate the e-bike dynamics.

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Main Unit

Data coming from sensors are processed in real time in order to detect any potential front wheel lock-up. When a potentially dangerous condition is identified, the ABS unit controls the front brake caliper to ensure a smoother and natural deceleration.

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User interface

The rider is informed in real time about the status of the ABS thanks to an icon on the bike display integrated via CAN-bus or an external control light.

Engineered by Blubrake, provided to you by Shimano

Based on Blubrake patents, Shimano ABS can be fully integrated in the frame of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes and is offered by Shimano to manufacturers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Shimano brakes and electric kits, integrating with them in a simple and instant way.

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