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Blubrake ABS G2: the new anti-lock braking system, improved performance in half the size

Small, lightweight and adaptive: Blubrake ABS G2, the second-generation of the e-bike-specific anti-lock braking system by Blubrake that prevents front wheel lock and rear wheel lifting, comes as a further step forward in the development of technologies applied to electric bicycles, for a new braking experience that makes no shortcuts in terms of safety.

One single ABS control unit, small and easy to install, combined to an artificial intelligence system able to adjust the braking assistance according to the type of terrain: this is ABS G2, the new anti-lock braking system by Blubrake. Set out to develop and apply to Light Electric Vehicles the most sophisticated technologies trickled down from the automotive industry, since 2019 Blubrake has been on the market with the first and only e-bike-specific ABS that can be fully integrated in the frame and is compatible with third-party drive units and hydraulic brakes. Since then, the system has been adopted by benchmark brands such as Bulls Bikes, Bianchi and Stromer, among others.

Thanks to the success of their first-generation ABS, the company has kept pushing on in terms of technological development, putting to good use the feedback from manufacturers, riders and test pilots: today, Blubrake is geared up to present ABS G2, the latest evolution of their system.

REDUCED DIMENSIONS AND SUPERIOR INTEGRATION. Compared to the first version, Blubrake ABS G2 features only one unit that includes both the hydraulic actuator and the electronic control unit, for a 65% and 48% reduction in size and weight respectively.

The end result is that Blubrake ABS G2 can be easily integrated into the frame, with an installation procedure that has been further simplified and now has only two electrical connectors to take care of.

NEW EXTERNAL-CONDITION DETECTION TECHNOLOGY. Blubrake ABS G2 also evolves in terms of braking-control logic: the algorithm that manages the activation of the anti-lock system has been further optimized to deliver an even better grip detection and to adjust in real time to different surfaces: the braking experience always feels natural and smooth and the braking distance is effective, no matter the conditions.

“Constant innovation at the service of e-bike riders is at the core of our work – commented Fabio Todeschini, Founder & General Manager of Blubrake. – We have designed Blubrake ABS G2 to meet strong end-user and manufacturer demand for greater safety, which in our case translates into prevention of accidents in dangerous conditions. Today, thanks to the simplicity of installation and to the reduced dimensions of this new solution, manufacturers can easily integrate our ABS in their bikes to offer safer and more reliable vehicles, and a greater peace of mind in everyday mobility.”

Like the previous version, Blubrake ABS G2 has been designed to fit inside the bicycle frame; however, it can also be installed on the fork so as to satisfy any type of market requirement.

HOW IT WORKS. A system of sensors detects the speed of both front wheel and frame and transmits all information to the control unit. It is the control unit that, thanks to sophisticated algorithms coming from Blubrake team’s experience in the automotive industry, detects potentially dangerous situations that can occur while braking. Under these conditions, the actuator intervenes and controls the hydraulic pressure of the front brake to ensure smooth braking and to increase the stability and manoeuvrability of the e-bike.

Blubrake ABS G2 is now available to all e-bike manufacturers for city, trekking and mountain bike applications, for both pedelec and speed-pedelec type.

Blubrake presents the first ABS for e-cargo bikes

The exponential increase in e-cargo-bike use for personal mobility and logistics has paved the way for a growing demand for safety and manoeuvrability. Thanks to the first anti-lock braking system for e-cargo bikes developed by Blubrake, riding these vehicles becomes safer.

In recent years, cargo bikes with pedal assistance have gained much more space on the city’s streets and it is now clear that they are destined to play a fundamental role in the future of urban mobility.

Be it for family or delivery purposes, e-cargo bikes have spread enormously, especially in northern Europe; market data shows a strong growth trend with a 53% increase in 2020 sales (City Changer Cargo Bike Project data), making e-cargo bikes one of the main drivers of the urban mobility revolution and last-mile logistics.

SAFETY FIRST. The rapid diffusion of e-cargo bikes has led to a strong demand for greater manoeuvrability and increase in safety. E-cargo bikes have been conceived to carry heavy loads and reach high speeds; precisely because of their configuration and function, braking certainly is the most critical topic when speaking about them. Especially when the cargo box is empty, abrupt or sudden braking causes instability, skidding and loss of control over the vehicle.

On the basis of the need to ensure greater safety even on surfaces with poor grip or in unfavourable weather conditions, Blubrake, a leading company in the development of technologies applied to braking systems, has developed the first and only ABS (anti-lock braking system) specifically designed for e-cargo bikes, which will reach the market in the coming months thanks to the collaboration with some of the main brands in the sector.

OVER TO THE COMPANY. “The braking stage is of particular importance for these vehicles. E-cargo bikes are heavier and faster than regular e-bikes and tend to be unstable especially when the cargo box is empty. The ABS prevents the front wheel from locking up and avoids skidding, providing greater stability to the vehicle.” says Fabio Todeschini, Founder and General Manager of Blubrake. “Our working group has succeeded in developing a solution, unique on the market, able to meet the needs for safety and reliability.”

HOW IT WORKS. Blubrake ABS system, which aims to become the safety standard for every e-cargo bike on the market, consists of three key elements. A sensor measures the front wheel (or wheels, depending on the e-cargo model) speed and transmits all information to a electronic unit, which estimates the vehicle dynamics from the measurements collected by the speed sensor and by the accelerometers within the frame, detecting potentially dangerous situations that can occur while braking. Under these conditions, the actuator intervenes and controls the hydraulic pressure of the front brake to ensure smooth braking and increase the stability and manoeuvrability of the e-cargo bike.

Blubrake ABS is suitable for any type of e-cargo bike; furthermore, since the system is open, it can be integrated with all third-party hydraulic brakes and power systems on the market.

Not only that: thanks to the patented artificial-intelligence system, Blubrake ABS is able to function properly on different surfaces, including the most slippery or roughest ones (gravel, leaves, cobbles) and in rainy or snowy conditions.

By developing this technology, the Blubrake’s goal is to make e-cargo bikes not only the most environmentally friendly and sustainable vehicles out there, but also the safest ones, thus assisting the general public’s uptake of this means of transportation, both for personal mobility and urban logistics.

Blubrake ABS joins Bianchi new e-Omnia range

Safety, innovation and design are at the core of the new Bianchi eOmnia range, which has chosen Blubrake ABS to give a significant step forwards in the electric revolution, with the aim of shaping a new way of moving.

As part of the Lif-e Electric intelligence Program and the new e-Omnia range, of the iconic brand Bianchi, which has contributed to the evolution of the bicycle in all its forms for over 130 years, has chosen the anti-lock braking system by Blubrake, the Italian benchmark for the development of high-tech products for e-bikes.
The presentation of the innovative e-Omnia platform configurator, the new range of highperformance e-bikes, unvealed that Bianchi and Blubrake are pursuing a shared strategy to contribute to a safer and more sustainable future e-mobility through their individual products.
This partnership is the result of Blubrake and Bianchi’s shared interests on creating a new way of living e-bikes, by combining safety with performance.
The Blubrake antilock braking system (ABS) has been equipped as safety feature on all e-Omnia X and FX Type and T and FT Type models – all the e-tourer and e-mtb models – and can be ordered directly from
Blubrake’s main aim is to encourage people to use light electric vehicles (LEVs), by guaranteeing the safety standards comparable to other motor-powered vehicles, for a safer and more sustainable mobility. To drive this forward, Blubrake developed an ABS system that prevents ebikers from losing control if they are forced to brake sharply, and also delivers a safe and pleasant experience. The system is fully integrated into the frame, so it does not impact on the manufacturer’s styling choices exactly as the new e-bikes in Bianchi e-Omnia range. Bianchi and Blubrake partnered together, sharing values and goals based on three key principles: safety, innovation and design.
«The Blubrake ABS prevents the front wheel lock-up and rear wheel lift-off, reducing the risk of accidents linked to braking, but it is also also a technology that can ensure a safer and more pleasant rider experience to every type of rider on their e-bike, including the less skilled ones» – commented Fabio Todeschini, Founder and General Manager of Blubrake.
Founded in Milan in 2015, Blubrake is involved in many different international collaborations including one with Cycleurope Group which led to the launch in 2019 of the Crescent Ellie 7-VXL ABS. This was the world’s first city e-bike with integrated ABS and won the Bike of the Year 2020 prize at GoExpo. The success of the project consolidated Blubrake partnership with Cycleurope Group to the extent that Bianchi chose to equip Blubrake ABS on five models of the e-Omnia range.

Blubrake ABS comes from a long experience in Formula 1 and Motor racing. Its aim is to apply the most sophisticated automotive technologies to e-bikes to guarantee cyclists the same braking experience and standard of safety that drivers and motorcyclists already enjoy on a daily basis.
Furthermore, the system uses sophisticated patented algorithms to predict the e-bike
dynamics on different terrains, including extremely slippery surfaces and those with minimal grip. This makes it a trustworthy partner and a very pleasant discovery even off-road, which is why Bianchi has chosen to equip it as safety feature on different types of e-mtb and tourer ebikes.


Blubrake and Stromer join forces to develop the first S-Pedelec with integrated ABS

Thanks to its partnership with Stromer, S-Pedelec European market leader, Blubrake presents this segment’s first and only frame integrated ABS. A segment that, due to the high speeds these bikes can reach, requires safe braking systems that are suitable for high-risk city environments. This safety measure has no impact whatsoever on design, maintaining the elegance and minimalism that identifies Stromer as the benchmark brand in the high-end S-Pedelec market.

Blubrake (, the Italian company that designed the first and only ABS to be integrated into an e-bike frame, has today announced its partnership with Stromer ( A partnership agreement which will see the launch, in June 2021, of
Stromer ST5 ABS, the first SPedelec with a frame integrated ABS. A collaboration between two companies born out of shared ideals on product innovation, design and a focus on safety, so as to ensure a comfortable, reliable riding experience.

Several studies have highlighted how, during braking, front-wheel lock ups and instability resulting from sudden changes in direction are the main causes of bike accidents, especially in busy, unpredictable urban environments. The issue of safety was one of the reasons that drove Blubrake to rethink the ABS concept and to develop an entirely unique system for the market, including for SPedelecs, a bike capable of high speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h), hence why many European countries mandate the use of helmets as well as registration plates for these bikes. Blubrake’s solution integrates seamlessly and invisibly into the frame, thus ensuring the bike’s original design remains unaltered.

“We’re especially pleased with this partnership – explained Fabio Todeschini, Blubrake’s General Manager – because we believe there are huge strides to be made in terms of
improving e-bike safety. Through this partnership we are keen to show that very high standards of safety are achievable, which will in turn enable the benefits offered by
the S-Pedelec to be fully harnessed. We are delighted to collaborate with a sector leader such as Stromer. Together we’ve set highly ambitious targets in terms of safety and
riding fluidity, the achievement of which has already been demonstrated by the fact that Stromer’s S-Pedelecs equipped with our integrated ABS have met the requirements of several tests, some very stringent, as a result of which we’ve obtained product certifications for the category standards, both in Europe and the US.”
Compared to e-bikes, S-Pedelecs can reach higher speeds and therefore generate greater braking forces, hence why Blubrake’s research team developed specific software that was purpose-designed for this type of bike. This allows smarter and more sporty cyclists to override the anti-lift off function, simply by using the HMI interface fitted on the bike. A real revolution for the e-bike world since it is the very first ABS to be equipped with this functionality. Stromer ST5 ABS will be the first S-Pedelec with Blubrake ABS: the only bike of this category with an anti-lock system fully integrated to respect the typical design of the Swiss company, combining elegance, power and safety.

«Blubrake’s integrated ABS designed for our S-Pedelecs is unique since it’s entirely hidden within the bike’s frame, and this is a crucial factor for us – explained Product Manager Florian Marti from Stromer – because the design and linearity are, next to safety, efficiency and riding pleasure, unique trademarks of our models.»

Blubrake completes a $6M A-Series fundraising to accelerate its expansion in safety solutions for e-mobility

The round is led by e-Novia, lead investor, and Progress Tech Transfer, first VC to enter the company’s share capital. This new financing will allow the company to extend its international customers portfolio and to expand its product range with more mechatronic e-mobility solutions.

October 20, 2020 – Blubrake, the Italian-based e-mobility scaleup known for its unique ABS technology, announces a 6M $ A-series round which allows the company to reach a total funding above $10M. This round is a strong step forward toward a further expansion of the company, which is now preparing to serve an increasingly wider customers portfolio thanks to a range of tech solutions that leverage the most advanced
standards in electronic engineering and craft innovative safety solutions for e-mobility vehicles.
The funding round was fully underwritten by e-Novia, the deep tech “Entreprises Factory” within which Blubrake was founded and completed its acceleration process, together with other investors including Progress Tech Transfer, VC specialized in new technologies for sustainability, and some private investors: Andrea Perin, Managing Director at Banca Finint, and Michele Scannavini, President at Italian Trade Agency
and at e-Novia.
This round represents one of the largest fundraisings concluded within the Italian deep tech ecosystem.
Blubrake was founded in late 2015 by Fabio Todeschini together with e-Novia and a group of professors and researchers from Politecnico di Milano. Focused on electronic assistance for braking, it developed several award-winning solutions and is now having its international market recognition thanks to the first and unique ABS for e-bikes that can be fully integrated in the bike frame (which is suitable for any segment of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes). The ABS is considered to be an upcoming revolution in the e-bike market, an industry that is experiencing double-digit growth since years, and that is seen as one of the pillars of the post-pandemic mobility transformation. Blubrake’s solution has been chosen by some of the largest bike manufacturers in the world, including Crescent, Bulls and others.
Blubrake is also set to expand its products range with more mechatronic e-mobility solutions, aiming for a worldwide leadership in safety for e-mobility components.
«This funding round will allow Blubrake to fast-track the investments in our industrial and commercial structures in order to keep expanding our footprint in the market and to bring new solutions to it», comments Fabio Todeschini, Blubrake’s General Manager. «We have discussions underway with most of the top e-bike manufacturers and we target a market that has a turnover of more than 20 billion dollars. We have demonstrated to be able to develop and industrialize some best-in-class tech solutions chosen by some of the world leading bike manufacturers, and we are confident to replicate this success with more customers and more products».
Vincenzo Russi, CEO at e-Novia and lead investor of this round, comments: «This funding round is a demonstration of Blubrake’s value growth and of the brilliant path ahead that is now clearly outlined. The amount of this fundraising, which is fully underwritten by international investors, demonstrates the quality of its team, the value of its product and the strength of its industrial and product strategy. Blubrake is one of the best examples of e-Novia’s portfolio quality and proves the ability of our Enterprise Factory model to transform research projects and inventions into actual businesses, with a solid ambition to be leader in their own markets. This makes us feel proud and privileged to have Progress Tech Transfer and other private investors in this round».
Francesco De Michelis, from Progress Tech Transfer, added: «Our investment in Blubrake is fully consistent with our mission: to support projects with a strong technological dimension which aim to provide sustainable solutions in environmental, energetic, manufacturing, social and financial domains».

Crescent and blubrake present the world’s first city e-bike with integrated ABS

The Swedish Cycleurope Group company presents the first urban mobility-dedicated electric bike with blubrake’s integrated ABS.

A study on bike-related accidents, has revealed that 58% of accidents involving e-bikes happen when the front wheel locks under braking. The market has been quick to respond to this news and the Swedish company Crescent presented in Majorca the ELLIE 7-VXL ABS Koppla , the first connected city e-bike with an integrated blubrake ABS. This innovative solution is designed to deliver controlled braking and a safer ride.
“We spent a long time working on the concept for a smart technology we could apply to city bikes– stressed Jonas Netterström, CEO of Cycleurope – and we are finally able to present a solution capable of delivering a real improvement in quality for safer mobility in the city”.
The Crescent ELLIE 7-VXL ABS has an aluminium frame and a low entry design that makes getting on and off easier for the cyclist. The ELLIE’s ABS system is completely invisible as it is integrated into the frame itself, an exclusive feature of the product
made by the Italian company.
“We are extremely happy to have worked with the Crescent team on developing the Ellie with our ABS – commented Fabio Todeschini, General Manager of blubrake – Our system is an extremely interesting new solution and is proving very successful
with e-bike makers as demonstrated by the launch of the Crescent model”.
The blubrake ABS prevents the front wheel lock-up, as this is the main cause of e-bike accidents, and also stops the back wheel lifting off the ground in addition to improving the bike’s overall stability, all vital factors for safe city cycling.
“In Cycleurope we feel that improving bike safety standards may also boost the use of e-bikes in cities – concluded Jonas Netterström – and the development of these solutions is a move in that direction”.

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