January 15, 2021

Blubrake ABS joins Bianchi new eOmnia range

Safety, innovation, and design are at the core of the new Bianchi eOmnia range, which has chosen Blubrake ABS to give a significant step forwards in the electric revolution, with the aim of shaping a new way of moving.

As part of the Life Electric Intelligence Program and the new eOmnia range, of the iconic brand Bianchi, which has contributed to the evolution of the bicycle in all its forms for over 130 years, has chosen the antilock braking system by Blubrake, the Italian benchmark for the development of hightech products for ebikes.

The presentation of the innovative eOmnia platform configurator, the new range of highperformance ebikes, unveiled that Bianchi and Blubrake are pursuing a shared strategy to contribute to a safer and more sustainable future emobility through their individual products. This partnership is the result of Blubrake and Bianchi’s shared interests on creating a new way of living ebikes, by combining safety with performance.

The Blubrake antilock braking system (ABS) has been equipped as a safety feature on all eOmnia X and FX Type and T and FT Type models – all the etourer and eMtb models – and can be ordered directly from the Bianchi website.

Blubrake’s main aim is to encourage people to use light electric vehicles (LEVs), by guaranteeing the safety standards comparable to other motorpowered vehicles, for a safer and more sustainable mobility. To drive this forward, Blubrake developed an ABS system that prevents ebikers from losing control if they are forced to brake sharply, and also delivers a safe and pleasant experience.

The system is fully integrated into the frame, so it does not impact the manufacturer’s styling choices exactly as the new ebikes in the Bianchi eOmnia range. Bianchi and Blubrake partnered together, sharing values and goals based on three key principles: safety, innovation, and design.

“The Blubrake ABS prevents the front wheel lockup and rear wheel liftoff, reducing the risk of accidents linked to braking, but it is also also a technology that can ensure a safer and more pleasant rider experience to every type of rider on their ebike, including the less skilled ones” – commented Fabio Todeschini, Founder and General Manager of Blubrake.

Founded in Milan in 2015, Blubrake is involved in many different international collaborations including one with Cycleurope Group which led to the launch in 2019 of the Crescent Ellie 7VXL ABS. This was the world’s first city ebike with integrated ABS and won the Bike of the Year 2020 prize at GoExpo. The success of the project consolidated Blubrake partnership with Cycleurope Group to the extent that Bianchi chose to equip Blubrake ABS on five models of the eOmnia range.

Blubrake ABS comes from a long experience in Formula 1 and Motor racing. Its aim is to apply the most sophisticated automotive technologies to ebikes to guarantee cyclists the same braking experience and standard of safety that drivers and motorcyclists already enjoy on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the system uses sophisticated patented algorithms to predict the ebike dynamics on different terrains, including extremely slippery surfaces and those with minimal grip. This makes it a trustworthy partner and a very pleasant discovery even offroad, which is why Bianchi has chosen to equip it as a safety feature on different types of eMtb and tourer ebikes.

blubrake image