Shaping the way people move

Our vision for the mobility of the future

In Blubrake we believe change is possible and we take action to achieve a more sustainable future for all. Our aim is to ease the adoption of greener means of transportation by making them safer and more accessible to everyone. Thanks to our technologies we contribute in building a more sustainable mobility, that results in greener and more liveable cities and communities, addressing 3 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

First thing: innovation

At the core of our work there is the ability to adapt to changes, discover new opportunities and explore new ideas, in one word: innovation. Innovation is the core of our work and we strive to achive new methods and processes, introduce new techniques and establish successful ideas to create new value.

International footprint

Blubrake is an Italian company with an International network and footprint, it was born in Milano, where the headquarters remain located, but it has subsidiaries in Germany and Taiwan employing professionals from all around the world, for an international working environment able to meet every demand and adapt to every situation.

Our philosophy

In Blubrake we put our heart in what we do, because there is no success without passion. We are a close-knit team, where everyone plays a big role and takes ownership sharing challenges and collaborating to overcome them. In Blubrake everyone is part of the thinking, we strive to achieve excellence encouraging to think outside the box, to pioneer new ways of doing things and create our own vision of the future.

Work with us

We are constantly looking for talented and skilled professionals ready to embrace our goals and contribute to our culture. Discover Blubrake open positions and be part of the change